CGW - Cutting and Grinding wheels

These are standard products for grinding and cutting of Metal.


  • Metal cutting and grinding
  • Removing welding seams and spots
  • Smoothing sharp edges and corners

Table of products:

PhotoDescriptionDimensionShapeWorkpiece material

CW - Cutting wheels

Ø 115x22x1, Ø 500x45x5, Ø 230x22x1,7, Ø 1000x45x8, Ø 180x22x3, Ø 115x22x2,5, Ø 230x22x3, Ø 450x35x4.5, Ø 180x22x1,6, Ø 800x45x7, Ø 125x22x2,5, Ø 125x22x2.5, Ø 400x35x4, Ø 125x22x1, Ø 600x45x6, Ø 115x22x2.5, Ø 230x22x2, Ø 350x35x3,5T41, T42 T41, T42MO_SS, MO_US, MO_ST

GW - Grinding wheels

Ø 125x22x6, Ø 180x22x8, Ø 115x22x6, Ø 230x22x6, Ø 180x22x6T42

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