FL - Flap Discs

awailable for following Workpiece materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Universal steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Plastic


  • T29 conical
  • T27 flat

Flap discs are essential product for metal proccessing. Beeing a very light weight, but powerfull grinding tool one can use for variety of tasks; from removing weld seams to deburring sharp edges. They can be used also for wood and plastic processing

Main features and benefits:

  • Cooler grinding
  • Easy to handle
  • Less noise
  • Longer life than fiberdiscs
  • Shallow surface cuts
  • Less costs for blending and finishing


  • Metal processing
  • Removing welding seams and spots
  • Removing scale, rust and oxidation
  • Smoothing sharp edges and corners
  • deburring
  • Wood Forming
  • Quick and easy shaping

Table of products:

PhotoDescriptionDimensionGritShapeWorkpiece material

FLFA - Aluminium oxide

Ø 100x16, Ø 180x22, Ø 150x22, Ø 115x22, Ø 125x2240, 120, 80, 60T29, T27  

FLFAX - Al. oxide with cooling agent

Ø 180x22, Ø 115x22, Ø 125x22120, 80, 60, 40, 36T29, T27  

FLFH - Ceramics

Ø 180x22, Ø 115x22, Ø 125x2280, 60, 40, 120T29, T27  

FLFN - Non-woven

Ø 115x22AC, AVF, AF, AMT27

FLFNF - Non-woven flap

Ø 115x22, Ø 180x22, Ø 125x22AF, AM, AC, AVFT29, T27  

FLFNM - Non-woven/cloth mix

Ø 115x22AF/P120, AM/P80, AC/P60, AVF/P180T27

FLFZ - Zirconium

Ø 115x22, Ø 150x22, Ø 100x22, Ø 125x22, Ø 180x2280, 60, 40, 120T29, T27  

FLFZB - Zirconium bigger

Ø 115x22, Ø 125x2280, 60, 40, 120T29, T27  

FLFZD - Zirconium double flap

Ø 125x22, Ø 180x22, Ø 100x22, Ø 115x22, Ø 150x2280, 60, 40, 120T29, T27  

FLFZX - Zirconium with cooling agent

Ø 125x22, Ø 115x22, Ø 180x2280, 60, 40, 120T29, T27  

FLM - Metal backed

Ø 115x22, Ø 125x22, Ø 180x2240T29, T27  

FLNZ - Zirconium

Ø 115x22, Ø 125x2240, 120, 80, 60T27, T29  

FLMH - Ceramics

Ø 115x22, Ø 125x2240, 120, 80, 60T27, T29  

FLN - Nylon backed

Ø 115x22, Ø 125x2240, 120, 80, 60T27, T29  

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