U - Unitized discs

awailable for following Workpiece materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Universal steel
  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Plastic

Unitized discs are used for preparing surfaces beeing polished. They efectively remove cuts and inperfections. IMPORTANT: They have to be used at lower turn speeds, recomended at 2.700 rpm, max. 6.650 rpm.

Main features and benefits:

  • Easy to handle
  • Long life time
  • Less cuts
  • Less expenses for polishing


  • Removal of scratches
  • Deburring
  • Cleaning
  • Blending

Table of products:

PhotoDescriptionDimensionGritWorkpiece material

UA - UA - Aluminium oxide

Ø 115x22AC, AVF, AF, ASUF, AM, AUF

US - US - Silicon carbide

Ø 115x22SF, SSUF, SM, SUF, SC, SVF

UZ - UZ - Zirconium

Ø 115x22ZM

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